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School Lunch Notice

School Lunch Notice

We are approaching the end of the school year, so please take a look at your child’s Breakfast/Lunch account on Teacherease.  All outstanding fees will need to be paid in full by May 23rd.  Please make sure the Secretaries have a current email address so you can receive the notifications.  If you have children in more than one school please just let one secretary know and they will correct it for all your children.


    1. Log into teacherease
    2. Miscellaneous drop down tab at top
    3. Click on Update Password/Profile
    4. Click on blue box that says Preferences
    5. The section that says Enable automatic email notification you will see a drop down that says Yes or No and you will want to click on Yes.
    6. The section that says Receive email for low lunch balance you will see a drop down that says Yes or No and you will want to click on Yes
    7. Underneath that you will see Low balance threshold and then in the box to the right of that you will put the amount on your child’s account that you wish to be notified of.  Example $5.00
    8. The section that says Notification frequency choose Immediate, Once per hour, Once per day or Once per week
    9. Last step you will want to click on the green box at the bottom that says SAVE

If you have questions please see your school Secretary.

Thank you!

Penny Facilities Sales Tax

Penny Facilities Sales Tax

On March 20th, voters in Vermilion County will be asked to vote on a Penny Sales Tax that can be used to improve school facilities. If passed, we estimate that Salt Fork would receive $372,000 every year to be used to upgrade our schools. 49 counties in Illinois, including Champaign County, already have this in place.
Our board has identified three major priorities for the money should it pass:

  1. Freeze the Property Tax Rate – The money that comes in from the Penny Sales Tax would allow us to do all of the facility projects without having to raise property taxes.
  2. Facility Upgrades – Some of the projects include improving our heating systems, installing air conditioning, repairing the North Campus parking lot, and finishing the roofing project at the South Campus.
  3. Improve Opportunities for Students – Our goal is to move to a 1:1 student-to-laptop ratio at the junior high and high school and a 2:1 student-to-laptop ratio at the elementary. In order to accomplish this, there is a significant amount of work that must be done to our technology infrastructure and electrical system to support the additional technology. In addition, we want to upgrade our science labs and purchase new playground equipment.

Here are an informational brochure and flyer that provide more details on the Penny Sales Tax. If you have any questions, please contact Mr. Cox at 427-2116.

School Meals Notice

School Meals Notice

Thank you to everyone that has utilized our online payment system for your child’s meals.
Our menus follow USDA HHFKA 2010 and NSLBP guidelines.
Menus are subject to change.
This institution is an equal opportunity provider.
Questions or comments?
Robin Johnson
Food Service Director
Pass Illinois’ Budget!

Pass Illinois’ Budget!

Dear Salt Fork Families,

389 Illinois school district superintendents, including myself, representing 1.3 million students, have signed on to support a grassroots statewide initiative called, simply enough, “Pass Illinois’ Budget!” We hope you will support this effort, which launches today, April 24.

While Illinois public schools have benefited from a partially-funded state budget, our schools, students, families, and communities will continue to suffer without a full state budget. We also will continue to struggle if Mandated Categoricals, state payments which support special education, bilingual education, transportation, and other important services, do not get paid this year. To date, the State of Illinois owes our district $477,748 in those Mandated Categoricals, and there is no state budget on the table for approval. In addition, the State of Illinois owes our district an additional $639,418 in Consolidation Incentive money, for a total of $1,117,166.  We are calling on members of the Illinois General Assembly and the Governor to do the following:

  • Immediately, and with bipartisan support, end the state budget impasse.
  • Improve the state’s education funding formula and invest in students and schools, including higher education institutions, throughout the state.
  • Pay school districts what they are owed this year.

Please join the effort and:

Contact your legislator! Click the following link to find your legislator.

  • Ask your legislator to take action to address the three items cited above.
  • Use social media to share your budget concerns with the hashtag #PassILBudget
  • Ask your friends and community members to join our efforts.

The 389 participating superintendents represent nearly 65 percent of Illinois public school students from Carbondale to Chicago to Rockford. Let’s all work together to #PassILBudget and create adequate and equitable funding for our schools.



Phil Cox, Superintendent

Lunch/Breakfast Balances

Lunch/Breakfast Balances

We are approaching the end of the school year, so please take a look at your child’s Breakfast/Lunch account. Whether your child receives Free, Reduced or Full Paid Breakfast/Lunch their account has to have sufficient funds prior to purchasing a Breakfast, Lunch or extra entrees. As of September 21, 2015 we began serving a cheese sandwich and milk for any student whose balance is more than ($10.00).

As of May 1, 2017, the students no longer can charge anything on their account. They must have funds on the account before they get a Breakfast or sign up for Lunch. If you have any questions please see your Secretary at your school.

Spring Parent/Teacher Conferences

Spring Parent/Teacher Conferences

  • Wednesday, March 15:
    • 1-hour Early Dismissal (JH/HS-1:50pm / Elementaries-2:05pm)
    • Conferences: 3:00pm-7:00pm
  • Thursday, March 16:
    • Regular Dismissal
    • Conferences: 3:30pm-6:00pm
We looking forward to seeing you at conferences!