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School Lunch Notice

School Lunch Notice

We are approaching the end of the school year, so please take a look at your child’s Breakfast/Lunch account on Teacherease.  All outstanding fees will need to be paid in full by May 23rd.  Please make sure the Secretaries have a current email address so you can receive the notifications.  If you have children in more than one school please just let one secretary know and they will correct it for all your children.


    1. Log into teacherease
    2. Miscellaneous drop down tab at top
    3. Click on Update Password/Profile
    4. Click on blue box that says Preferences
    5. The section that says Enable automatic email notification you will see a drop down that says Yes or No and you will want to click on Yes.
    6. The section that says Receive email for low lunch balance you will see a drop down that says Yes or No and you will want to click on Yes
    7. Underneath that you will see Low balance threshold and then in the box to the right of that you will put the amount on your child’s account that you wish to be notified of.  Example $5.00
    8. The section that says Notification frequency choose Immediate, Once per hour, Once per day or Once per week
    9. Last step you will want to click on the green box at the bottom that says SAVE

If you have questions please see your school Secretary.

Thank you!