Jr. High Course Catalog

Jr. High Course Catalog

Exploratory Class
Course Descriptions


STEM- Design and Modeling  (Semester)

Geared towards 7th grade students, students will do all of the introductory STEM content including defining what STEM is, learning about careers in engineering, sketching, the design process, and 3D computer modeling.

STEM- Automation and Robotics  (Semester)

Geared towards 8th grade students, students will define robotics, learn about mechanisms, learn code in Robot C, learn to build with VEX kits (includes electrical engineering, building, and cooling). MUST HAVE TAKEN DESIGN AND MODELING

Art  (Semester)

Students will discover and create multiple forms of art. Areas of art study will include drawing, painting, sculpture, crafts, etc.

Music Appreciation  (Semester)

Students will have the opportunity to not only listen to music, but think critically and discuss music form, structure, meaning, and purpose.

Guitars and Strings  (Year)

Various styles of guitar playing and music theory will be covered over a semester, followed by a semester of instruction on bass guitar and ukulele.

Health and Fitness (Semester)

Students will discover topics such as health education, how to maintain a healthy lifestyle, and stress management. Students will also get the chance to discover physical activities with the intention of conveying the importance of a life-long wellness habits.

Family and Consumer Science  (Semester)

Students will gain skills on useful, efficient, and productive management of a home. Topics typically include food and nutrition, clothing, housing design, and consumer decisions.

Agricultural  (Semester)

Students are introduced to FFA and Agriculture as producers, consumers and in careers related to Agriculture. Students will taste foods related to topics studied. Topics may include livestock such as beef, pork, horses, chickens, turkeys, sheep, goats, rabbits, specialty food crops, corn, soybeans, apples, pumpkins, Christmas trees, bees, nutrition, gardening, conservation, and Illinois Agriculture.

Journalism  (Semester)

Students will be working on a new student publication that will be distributed amongst the students. Students will learn how to put together articles and do research to write stories on important events around the school.

Introduction to Computers  (Semester)

Students will learn how to use Microsoft Word, PowerPoint and Excel along with their Google counterparts in their class work as well as in the Real World.

Computer Applications  (Semester)

Must have taken Introduction to Computers! Students will take a more in depth look at the Microsoft programs (Word, PowerPoint, Excel) and their Google equivalents. New applications will also be introduced.

Keyboarding  (Semester)

Students will learn to keyboard with correct fingering placement using correct techniques in order to operate the keys automatically with speed at a high level of accuracy.

Spanish (Year)

Students will begin discovering new concepts around the Spanish language. Students will begin to learn important words of the Spanish language as well as discover the cultural of the Spanish language.

Math Support  (Semester)

Students will receive extra support to meet the standards of more rigorous and relevant mathematics courses. The support class will be in addition to a student’s regular math class, and provide individual and small group instruction to build a stronger foundation for success in their current and future mathematics courses. Geared towards 8th grade students.